Community closings listed for the Garner, Cleveland areas

December 30, 2013 

Many municipal and private services will be unavailable or have modified hours during the holidays. Listed below are the services and their availability.


Town hall: Closed Jan. 1.

Curbside trash pickup: For the week New Year’s, Monday and Tuesday routes will be worked on schedule. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday routes will be worked one day after their designated days; Wednesday on Thursday, Thursday on Friday, Friday on Saturday.

Southeast Regional Library: Closed Jan. 1.

Post Office: Closed Jan. 1.

Wake County

ABC stores: Closed Jan. 1.

Bus services: Closed Jan. 1.

Multi-Material / Household Hazardous convenience centers: Closed Jan. 1.

Garner-Cleveland Record: Closed Jan. 1.

Johnston County

ABC stores: Closed Jan. 1.

Bus services: Closed Jan. 1.

Solid waste convenience centers: Closed Jan. 1.

Landfill: Closed Jan. 1.

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