Knightdale Cub Scout alerts homeowner to chimney fire

mhankerson@newsobserver.comMarch 21, 2014 

— Cub Scout Graham Hardin wasn’t looking to earn a badge or certificate, but last week, the 10-year-old was able to exercise some good citizenship.

On his way to Garner with his mother, Beth Bond, Graham saw a fire in a chimney near Sanderford and Rock Quarry roads outside Garner.

He told his mom and they pulled over at the stranger’s house to let her know.

The homeowner was able to put the fire out before any damage was done or anyone got hurt.

“(Graham) was doing a good deed, he wasn’t even thinking about getting an award,” said Graham’s assistant Webelo leader Jeremy Edwards. Graham is in the Webelo division of the Cub Scouts, which is a transition time between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.

Bond said Cub Scout training has definitely had an influence on Graham and might have even be where he picked up the knack for speaking up.

Bond signed Graham up for Cub Scouts after she separated from Graham’s father about two years ago.

“(It) has really helped him be more responsible and think of other people,” Bond said.

Bond said at first, Graham didn’t realize what he did for the stranger with a burning chimney was so important.

“I thought it was awesome,” Bond said. “At first, I guess he didn’t realize what a big deal it was.”

Bond posted the story on Facebook and when it began getting attention she said, Graham started to understand how important his pit stop was.

“(I was) happy the woman’s house didn’t burn down and she saved her house,” Graham said.

In addition to performing a good deed, Graham was recently voted to be Patrol Leader of his pack, Pack 347, based in Knightdale.

Right now, Graham and his Webelo peers have adults run their meetings. As a Patrol Leader, Graham will become the leader of meetings for a group of five or six boys, Edwards said.

One boy is voted by the group who exhibits the most Boy Scouts qualities and someone who is a good leader,” Edwards said. “He’s the boss.”

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