Zebulon Belk looking for owner of money left behind

From staff reportsMarch 21, 2014 

— It’s not too hard to drop a dime in Belk.

But one customer recently dropped a good bit more than that and not on clothes or accessories.

Managers at the store are looking for the owner of an undisclosed amount of money that was found on its premises during the holiday season.

A customer turned in an envelope containing money to store management on Dec. 13 and employees say no one has contacted the store to see if they left it behind.

“We get calls all the time about, ‘I think I left my glasses in the store,’ or, ‘I dropped my necklace,’ but nobody’s called about the cash,” Belk manager Robin Jackson said. “If someone could contact us and provide us with the right information, we could provide the money to its rightful owner.

“We think it’s a nice thing someone turned the money in and think it’d be nice for this person to get their money back.”

Only the owner would be able to describe specific details regarding the envelope and the amount of money inside, according to store management.

Anyone who thinks the recovered money may be theirs is asked call the store at 919-269-4141 and choose the option to speak to a manager.

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