Letter to the Editor: Bad schools have an obvious explanation

March 28, 2014 

This is in reference to “Surprised by the notion of bad schools” from the Garner-Cleveland Record.

As a recent transplant to Garner (one who's been satisfied with the quality of the school my kids attend), I'm a little surprised to see the headline “Surprised by the notion of bad schools.”

If you look at ratings on GreatSchools,org, or results on NCReportCards.org, it is clear where people are getting the idea that Garner's schools are not great. Garner test scores just do not measure up to those in the more “desirable” parts of Wake County. That's not bad word-of-mouth, it's simple math.

Now one could question (and certainly should, in my opinion) the reasons behind that, and whether standardized test scores are really an important or even valid way of measuring a school's success, but that's the culture we currently live in, and a different issue than the question raised by the editorial.

Nobody should be "surprised" when Garner's schools are considered inferior when the reason (valid or not) is right out there in public for everyone to see.

Art Cohen


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