Greater Neuse River 4A Conference: Winter Awards

West wrestling team leads honorees

From Staff ReportsApril 21, 2014 

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    Boys Basketball

    Conference Champion: Clayton

    Player of the Year: Gary Clark (Clayton)

    Coach of the Year: Denny Medlin (Clayton)

    All-Conference Team: Ronshad Allen-Shabazz (Knightdale), Julius Barnes (Garner), Bryan Canty (Rolesville), Gary Clark (Clayton), Daquan Lilly (Knightdale), Dawson Medlin (Clayton), Kyrece Mills (Garner), Nahjuwan Potts (East Wake), Demetrius Sanders (Southeast Raleigh), Anthony Stanton (Harnett Central), Jake Turner (Clayton), William Walker (Southeast Raleigh), Cameron Williams (West Johnston)

    Sportsmanship Awards: Justin Baird (Garner), Fred Butler (Rolesville), Khalil Dixon (Harnett Central), John Graham (West Johnston), Myles Harris (Southeast Raleigh), Antonio Watson (Knightdale), Xavier Williams (Clayton), Graham Zechmann (East Wake)

    Girls Basketball

    Conference Champion: Southeast Raleigh

    Player of the Year: Amber Richardson (Southeast Raleigh)

    Coach of the Year: Nicole Meyers (Southeast Raleigh)

    All-Conference Team: Khayani Chanlder (Garner), Amber Courtney (Garner), Jenna Harris (Clayton), Alexus Hicks (Southeast Raleigh), Jarmeia Holder (West Johnston), Lovely Locklear (Knightdale), Tiffany McCarter (Southeast Raleigh), Tanisha Murphy (Clayton), Jade Phillips (Southeast Raleigh), Jaylin Powell (Rolesville), Amber Richardson (Southeast Raleigh), Angel Rizor (East Wake), Tanay Smith (West Johnston), Taylor Snow (Harnett Central), Madison Turlington (Harnett Central), Mikaya Wilson (Knightdale), Kianna Wynn (East Wake)

    Sportsmanship Awards: Morgan Brown (Rolesville), Kelsey Bryan (Garner), Whitney Grady (Harnett Central), Taiyana Hill (Southeast Raleigh), Kia Holden (Knightdale), Rachel Maness (Clayton), Katelyn McLamb (West Johnston), Ciera Williams (East Wake)

    Boys Swimming

    Conference Champion: Garner

    Player of the Year: Matt Smothers (Garner)

    Coach of the Year: Stephanie Stanton (West Johnston)

    All-Conference Team: Logan Anderson (Knightdale), Nathaniel Bettinghaus (Rolesville), Dylan Bobbitt (Knightdale), Kyle Boyette (East Wake), Noel Buitrago (Garner), Patrick Capps (Knightdale), William Coghill (Garner), Teagan Dorsch (Southeast Raleigh), Alex Duff (Clayton), Gaige Graff (Harnett Central), Andrew Green (Garner), Corbin Hodges (Garner), Zack Leischner (Garner), Robert McCue (Knightdale), Jordan Nichols (Knightdale), Matt Smothers (Garner), Dakota Stephens (West Johnston), Ryan Worley (East Wake)

    Sportsmanship Awards: Griffen Colucci (Rolesville), Stephen Fryer (Harnett Central), Alexander Hanamean (Southeast Raleigh), Erik Martinez (East Wake), Victor Muwanthi (Garner), Brandon Peake (Clayton), Jarrett Spann (West Johnston), Charlie Woodlief (Knightdale)

    Girls Swimming

    Conference Champion: Clayton

    Players of the Year: Brenna Hardy (Knightdale) and Cara Martin (Clayton)

    Coach of the Year: Marty Ringgold (Clayton)

    All-Conference Team: Emily Blalock (Harnett Central), Katherine Boumenot (Clayton), Logan Boykin (Clayton), Brenna Hardy (Knightdale), Gina Joy (Clayton), Meribeth Lamberth (Clayton), Cara Martin (Clayton), Emily Martin (Garner), Erin Martin (Southeast Raleigh), Chelsey Neptune (Clayton), Miranda Phillips (East Wake), Dominique Quintero (Clayton), Jordan Reeves (Rolesville), Katie Simpson (Clayton), Faith Turner (West Johnston)

    Sportsmanship Awards: Erielle Baker (Rolesville), Emily Blalock (Harnett Central), Kaitlin Brunridge (West Johnston), Hannah Hamlin (Garner), Staci Hunter (East Wake), Kristin Olson (Knightdale), Carmen Tormey (Clayton)


    Conference Champion: West Johnston

    Player of the Year: Tony Jimenez (West Johnston)

    Coach of the Year: David Prendergast (West Johnston)

    All-Conference Team: Teka Aschlew (Garner), John Atkins (Harnett Central), Leo Berber (West Johnston), Donavan Bethea (Harnett Central), Alif Bey (Knightdale), James Box (Garner), Nick Brown (Clayton), Spencer Buzzard (Harnett Central), Sam Campbell (West Johnston), Mason Crawford (Garner), Ryan Crutchfield (West Johnston), Khadeem Dublin (East Wake), Josh East (Knightdale), Bruce Espinoza (Harnett Central), Ivan Hatley (West Johnston), Tony Jimenez (West Johnston), Justice Jones (Rolesville), Emon Kizer (Garner), Elry Laport (Southeast Raleigh), Mike Lines (Clayton), Justin Lumpkin (West Johnston), Josh Mack (Southeast Raleigh), Markus Mayner (East Wake), Eric McKoy (Harnett Central), George Nathaniel (West Johnston), Tyler Palachak (Knightdale), Sam Page (West Johnston), Christian Prescott (Clayton), Charles Pumbu (Knightdale), Noah Ray (Harnett Central), Jonathan Ruceco (Garner), Bobby Samuels (Knightdale), Raheem Simmons (West Johnston), Joseph Sewell (West Johnston), Andrew Skinner (Knightdale), Bradley Skinner (Knightdale), Brandon Skinner (Knightdale), Amani Soumaro (Garner), Chad Sprouse (Clayton), Cody Staples (East Wake), Phillip Stone (East Wake), Tramal Turner (Knightdale), Darius Washington (Southeast Raleigh), Chris Welker (East Wake), Alston Willard (East Wake)

    Sportsmanship Awards: James Box (Garner), Juan Escobar (Harnett Central), Aaron Lee (Rolesville), Josh Mitchell (Knightdale), William Mullen (West Johnston), Morgan Wilder (East Wake), Zachary Zidman (Southeast Raleigh)


    Conference Champion: Clayton

    Player of the Year: Lauren Lushene (West Johnston)

    Coach of the Year: Lauren Ramsey (Clayton)

    All-Conference Team: Hannah Flynn (West Johnston), Kelsie Hembrick (Southeast Raleigh), Shayna Henley (Rolesville), Lauren Lushene (West Johnston), Sonney Nelson (Harnett Central), Nicole Pearce (Harnett Central), Alex Raynor (Harnett Central), Lauren Rogers (Garner), Grayson Russell (East Wake), Madyson Scott (Clayton)

    Sportsmanship Awards (not all teams named a winner): Raven Cheatham (Southeast Raleigh), Stephanie Chavez (Garner), Hannah Flynn (West Johnston), Shayna Henley (Rolesville), Sonny Nelson (Harnett Central)


    Conference Champion: Garner

    Player of the Year: Sonny Joy Nelson (Harnett Central)

    Coach of the Year: Helen Cole (Garner)

    All-Conference Team: Taylor Barbour (Clayton), Madison Bell (West Johnston), Kelly Brabec (Southeast Raleigh), Lacey Castora (Garner), Maya Harris (Southeast Raleigh), Jessica Holloway (Garner), Ansley Rae Laing (Harnett Central), Maddie Laing (Harnett Central), Sonny Joy Nelson (Harnett Central), Chandler Powell (Garner), Abby Pressley (West Johnston), Sarah Schlinder (Garner), Daneshia Slade (East Wake), Kelsee Snuggs (East Wake), Sarah Sullivan (East Wake), Bailey Watson (Rolesville), Kasey Williams (Clayton), Ashtyn Zimmer (Harnett Central)

    Sportsmanship Awards: Brittney Ballentine (Harnett Central), Devin Clark (Garner), Ashley Dolin (West Johnston), Kaniya Garvey (Knightdale), Kiaja McRae (Rolesville), Kaneisha Stitt (Southeast Raleigh), Karen Villanueva (Clayton), Kanothy Wilkerson (East Wake)

West Johnston’s highly-successful wrestling program swept away with the Greater Neuse River 4A Conference individual sport awards. Tony Jimenez was the wrestler of the year, while Wildcats coach David Prendergast was the coach of the year. West was the conference dual and tournament champion.

Garner’s Matt Smothers was the conference swimmer of the year after helping lead the Trojans to the conference championship. West Johnston coach Stephanie Stanton was named the coach of the year.

Girls swimming had two players of the year in Knightdale’s Brenna Hardy and Clayton’s Cara Martin. Clayton’s Marty Ringgold was the girls swimming coach of the year, after leading the Comets to the league championship.

State finalist Southeast Raleigh dominated the major girls basketball awards with N.C. State recruit Amber Richardson being selected as the conference’s player of the year. Bulldogs’ coach Nicole Meyers was the coach of the year.

Clayton swept the boys basketball honors with Gary Clark being named player of the year and coach Denny Medlin taking coach of the year honors after leading the Comets to another conference title and a second straight trip to the NCHSAA eastern regionals. Clark, a University of Cincinnati recruit and an all-state selection, averaged more than 25 points and 14 rebounds a game. The Comets went 13-1 against conference foes.

West Johnston’s Lauren Lushene was the gymnastics player of the year. Coach of the year honors in gymnastics went to Clayton’s Lauren Ramsey.

Garner won the conference championship in cheerleading and Trojans’ coach Helen Cole was named the league’s coach of the year.

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