Editorial: The safe decision, the best decision

May 2, 2014 

We know deer can be pesky critters. And as the Garner community continues to grow, the interactions between deer and people are going to increase. Still, it’s not a good idea to let folks start shooting them in town.

Council members reached that same conclusion last week when they opted not to allow people are large tracts of land within the town limits to hunt the animals with bows and arrows.

We also realize bow-hunting isn’t likely to be quite as lethal as firing a gun, still there are too many opportunities for an arrow to go somewhere it’s not intended and to hurt someone it’s not intended to hurt. No one can take it back, once an accident happens.

As urban and suburban areas in the Triangle and elsewhere in North Carolina continue to grow, there will continue to be more instances in which the animals do damage to our lawns, our landscaping and our gardening. But there are other, less invasive ways to fend off the deer problem that won’t put other people in jeopardy.

People can learn that certain areas tend to be speed traps and they can take actions that will prevent themselves from getting punished for doing something wrong. Had council members adopted the proposed bow hunting option, the deer wouldn’t have known about it. And when one of their deer brethren got eliminated, rather than making the decision to avoid going where he went, they would simply fill in the void. Put another way, killing deer one at a time isn’t going to solve the town’s problem anyway. But it would have put people – who are admittedly more important than deer – at risk.

We often encourage our elected leaders to think broadly about new ideas and new solutions to problems. In considering the town of Garner’s growing deer challenges, council members did just that.

But sometimes, when it comes down to making a decision, the best decision is the safe one, the tried and true method. Council members opted for that path this time following a long, drawn-out process. And in keeping with that conservative approach, they’ve helped maintain public safety in a way that benefits people, but doesn’t eliminate their ability to continue to combat the problem.

We’re glad council chose the safe path in this case.

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