Editorial: A troubling trend

June 6, 2014 

The report from Garner police was sobering, even if the subject was not a sober one.

The rates of driving while intoxicated – drunk driving – are going up, not down, as they have in recent years.

The numbers are troubling because there are few people in today’s society who do not understand the dangers inherent in driving drunk.

The thought that drunk driving could be wiped from the face of the earth - a la smallpox – is a fallacy. But it’s not unreasonable to think that we can continually reduce the number of incidents – and the severiity – through continued public education.

The numbers in a recent report released by Garner police suggest the number of citations for DWI is, indeed, going up.

Optimistically, we hope that is merely the result of better police detection.

Fearfully , we worry the education efforts are falling on deaf ears.

Policing drunk driving is a community affair. Responsibility starts with each of us individually, of course. But when people drink with groups of friends or at large public events, there is also a responsibility on the part of those around the imbiber to make sure that person doesn’t drive drunk.

We can all have a role in making that trend return to its old diminishing past. It matters to everyone of us because never know when we might be unfortunate enough to be the person who happens upon that drunk driver.

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