Garner Fire trains to save their own

June 13, 2014 

Garner firefighters practice escaping a fire as part of their Rapid Intervention Team training under the watchful eyes of two instructors.


Garner Fire-Rescue is currently training to become certified in Rapid Intervention. RIT, as it is commonly called, is put in place when firefighters enter a structure to battle a blaze.

“RIT requires a dedicated team of firefighters to stand by ready to enter in case a fellow firefighter becomes trapped or injured,” said Captain Bud Davenport. “We have used RIT for years but now we have all had extensive training in how to prepare and package the fallen firefighter and quickly get him to safety.” Garner Fire-Rescue was able to use houses in Garner that were scheduled to be burned for training at a later date. The certification class is a 40-hour class that is 80 percent hands-on. Davenport added “We spend countless hours training on rescuing our citizens but this class was concentrated on keeping ourselves out of trouble and what to do to save our own”.

The class was taught by state-certified instructors who have a passion for safety and survival. Each year roughly 100 firefighters lose their lives on the job. North Carolina ranks high on the list of states that lose the most firefighters.

“That is a statistic that we would love to see change.” Davenport said. “Anything we can learn that makes this dangerous occupation safer is beneficial to take advantage of. Our main job at a fire is making sure the public is safe and that our firefighters return home safe to their families.”

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